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"Iman Mottaghian Nejad as the President of Iran Pilates Association & West Asia  Alliance  has  succeeded  Professionally ". 

 Dr.Jang,The President of Asia Pilates Alliance ,has announced  :
On the  basis of the  supervision , IPA is one of the most  succesful  Pilates Association in the region. 
He  said ,  Iman Mottaghian Nejad  does his best  by holding on International Pilates  Courses  and inviting Different Instructors from different countries  to improve  and promote pilates  in Iran .  
It seems he does it as  the leader of a reveloution in the history of Iran pilates Association  and as you see  he is the Vice -President of  World Pilates Cofederation now   . 
 In my opinion , it is the time that he is holding on courses with Machines  proffessionaly in Iran .  We  signed a contrac so  we support him as one of the most succesful  members of  APA  . 
 Dr.Jang invited IPA President and his team  to participate in Asian and  International meetings  and   stated that "the doors of Care Pilates Company is Open to IPA for more cooperation ".

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