International events of Carepilates.
SPOEX 2021

Seoul International Sports

& Leisure Industry Show

Here, we introduced our new products range, Center-line, and Original versionrainbow straps so on for the first time



PIA 2016

International Pilates Convention


FIBO 2015

International Fitness Exhibition


Pilates In Asia 2013, 2014
International Pilates Convention

Well-known as the grand event of Pilates in the world, PIA, Pilates In Asia, already reached to the success of its twice convention of the 1st one in 2013 and the 2nd one in 2014. Annually hosted by internationally famous Pilates instructors and foremost presenters in Asia, the convention of PIA has it major events such as the show of an advertisement upon new products, EXPO of training curriculum, fair and party etc. The 3rd one is estimated to be held in Seoul, in Oct, 2015

FIBO 2014

International Fitness Exhibition


By initially participating in FIBO 2014 on behalf of all the Pilates corporations in Korea, Care Pilates was granted of its opportunity to inform all the major Pilates figures of our name value. FIBO 2015 will grant us of the second opportunity to jump up to be highly upgraded in the world.

IHRSA 2014

International Health & Sports Associantion


Our participation in IHRSA, well-known as the biggest fitness event in North-Southern America in 2014 granted us of the chance to perform the project as our foundation of one of 4 major Pilates brands. A well-operated sales of our products were made by a huge number of interested Pilates buyers.

Launching Party

Kathy Corey's House In San Diego


The formal launching event regarding Care Pilates equipment in USA as an event in PMA, 14, Nov, 2014 was hosted at the house of Kathy Corey who is the formal international instructor of PIA and the second leader of Care Pilates.
Style Cadillac, Chair Ladder Barrel, Spine Collector and Arc Barrel etc were exhibited on the installation. They were constantly distributed to Kathy Corey’s home
The event was too meaningful as we not only introduced participants about the special features of our Pilates equipment, but also deliver them our messages on the prospects of our Care Pilates.

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